May 062012

Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss

Does Raspberry Ketone Weight loss really work? Before we start discussing the benefits associated with this natural ingredient, it’s important to understand what Raspberry Ketone is all about!

Rasberry ketones are a type of natural phenolic compound and the primary aroma compound which is found in red raspberries. Raspberries have long been known to produce positive health benefits, like many other fruits. But why this fruit produces health benefits has not always been known?

It was not until the compound of ketones was discovered that a fuller understanding of why raspberries are considered healthy came about.

The Magic of the Red Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss!

The ketones are what give red raspberries their sweet, fruity odor which they are so famous for. Aroma compounds can be used in a variety of different industries, such as perfume, cosmetics, and as a food additive. The natural version of this ketone is actually one of the more expensive natural compounds which is used in today’s food industry, with a kg costing as much as $20,000! This expense is why raspberry ketones are manufactured synthetically using chemical intermediates.

The synthetic version of this ketone, like the natural ketone, is used in perfumes, cosmetics and in foods. Recently, it has been suggested that it can help assist with weight loss. The less expensive nature of synthetic ketones allows them to be used in products which can be sold to the more general consumer, such as products intended to help with weight loss and health.

But does raspberry ketones weight loss really work? Let’s look at the facts.

How Does Raspberry Ketone Help With Weight Loss?

Research has indicated that a certain dosage of this particular ketone can help assist with weight loss. A study done in 2005 by Japanese researchers concluded that mice who were given a certain dosage of this compound did not gain as much weight when they were fed a high-fat diet as they gained when they were not given dosages of the ketone. The research has been repeated several times, and all conclusions do indicate that it can assist with weight loss.

How does the ketone help with weight loss? When the body consumes a food or drink with raspberry ketones, it reacts by helping the body to regulate a protein called adiponectin. This protein is essential for regulating metabolism in the body. When these ketones are consumed and adiponectin is regulated, the fat within the body’s cells are broken up much more effectively. This helps the body to burn fat at a faster rate than it would without proper regulation of adiponectin. In a sense, the ketones are helping to boost the body’s metabolism. And therefore, by consuming raspberry ketones, an individual can help to increase the amount of fat that their body is able to burn each day which will increase their overall weight loss over time.

What Are the Benefits of Raspberry Ketones?

One of the greatest benefits of this ketone is that raspberry ketones weight loss works pretty quickly. When they are taken at the proper dosage level two times a day and used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise, they can produce visible results in just two short weeks.

It is important to note that they are not miracle workers: it is still recommended to maintain a healthy diet and healthy exercise schedule in order to produce significant results. If an individual is over consuming calories or hardly burning any with exercise, then they cannot expect to achieve significant results. The ketones merely speed up the fat burning process, allowing for the body to burn fat at a faster rate–they don’t melt the pounds away on their own. Like any healthy and sensible weight loss plan, a healthy diet and exercise are all factors, regardless of what supplements are taken to help increase the metabolism and burn fat more effectively.

Another benefit to this ketone is that it helps protect against diabetes. The protein discussed earlier, adiponectin, protects against the development of Type 2 diabetes. It also helps prevent plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart and reduces the risk of liver cancer by reducing the risk for fatty liver disease.

Some individuals consume the ketone in the form of a combined supplement. A combined supplement is a supplement which combines various compounds and ingredients to boost the overall effectiveness of the supplement and increase the amount of positive side effects and uses that the supplement has. For example, some supplements include this ketone, green tea and acai berry to create a more beneficial mix of natural teas and compounds. Both green tea and acai berry are known to help assist in weight loss and increase overall health and for this reason are ideal companions in a raspberry ketone supplement.

Any Side Effects When Taking Raspberry Ketones?

One of the most common questions asked about any weight loss related supplement, pill or product is: “But what are the side effects?” It is very common for many supplements to have side effects, especially those which use a variety of chemicals or drugs in order to increase the effectiveness of weight loss.

However, ketones which are found in raspberries are simply fruit ketones. These supplements will not cause any side effects, as long as they are made from pure ketones or other pure fruit products. Unless you are allergic to raspberries or another fruit which is included in a supplement, then you will not experience any side effects from the raspberry ketones weight loss program. On that note, it is very important to check the ingredients list of any supplement you purchase—make sure that the product you are taking is made from 100% fruit ketones to ensure that you do not experience any unexpected side effects.

Our Conclusion on Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss

Raspberries are very much easily perishable fruits; they should only be bought a few days prior to consumption. For those who have a busy lifestyle, it is recommended to give Raspberry Ketone a try.  The truth is Raspberry Ketone has been featured many times in Dr. Oz show and the media. The benefits thus clearly cannot be dismissed!


May 062012

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